I pride myself on building clean, quick loading, easy to navigate web sites that are viewable by any web browser. Ease of maintenance is another important goal, minimizing long term financial and personnel commitments. Search engine ranking is something I excel at. Interactive applications are programmed to be secure. Then there is my robust tool kit for quickly building websites. Domain name registration and/or site hosting can be arranged.

Below are some of my projects, in reverse chronological order.

6/15 Green Community Garden
Designed and coded this custom themed WordPress site. Integrated my Calendar Solution package. Scripted a system for moving everything between development and live servers. Created the Login Security Solution WordPress plugin and worked on WordPress' documentation and unit tests.
Nokia's Ovi Store
I wound up being the architect and lead developer for two key components of Nokia's answer to Apple's App Store. One was the sorting of content according to each user's behavior and the other was the set of protocols for continually importing data from Nokia's repository. My work included creating the functional and technical specifications for these aspects then managing their development by the programming team. We used Oracle, memcached and object-oriented PHP 5, including Zend Framework.
Forget Giuliani
The primary goal of this website was obtaining good search engine results. Sure-fire, ethical strategies of carefully choosing each page's text, HTML elements, title, and name were used. The following search terms indicate things worked out pretty well: giuliani secrecy and giuliani 42nd street. The layout is fully accomplished via style sheets.
American Jewish Society for Service

The recent overhaul had two priorities: updating the site's look and getting them competitively ranked by the search engines. The efforts got them to the number one spot for their target terms.

The initial work was a dramatic clean-up and refactoring of their existing site. I cleaned up the graphics, provided a consistent look to all the pages and instituted centralized settings and calculations for figures such as the organization's age and number of states visited.

Gotham City Networking
Closed security holes. Brought the source code into CVS and produced shell scripts for deployment and backup. Fixed some bugs and tweaked some of the pages. Produced detailed instructions on how to manage the new system.

Two aspects of their web presence are produced by me. One is a photo gallery that allows the public to post their own content. Each submission is automatically resized and has a thumbnail generated in order to reduce storage and bandwidth requirements. The allowable size, thumbnail size and number of images on a page are all customizable by a few settings. An administrative interface exists to remove and edit content.

The other is the calendar. Listings are created by volunteers using a private web interface. Viewers can choose between calendar and list formats.

Both systems have the ability to use either a MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL database. Designers can easily adapt these programs into any website design because each HTML element can be addressed via style sheets.

Actionmail and Fulfillment
I drew business to this mail house by improving their search engine rankings. Text-rich content on subjects of interest to prospective mailers were successfully used to this end.
I was one of the volunteers on the PEAR web team which modernized the site's appearance, provided a consistent look and feel and enhanced the bug system.
BikeSummer 2003

A fun, collaborative, project utilizing a dynamic navigation system for quick page loads and ease of updating. The best parts are the database driven calendar and photo gallery. This calendar accepted events from the public which were then moderated using administrative web forms.

Most importantly, the site's architecture was planned to permit redeployment from year to year by copying a few files and making a few minor adjustments. See the 2005 site for an example and the presentation given to the NYPHP user group for a look under the hood.

John Tank
An affordable site for a musician.
Tribeca Learning Center
Interactive, clean design for a New York City public school. It had news and calendar sections powered by a database back end, including easy-to-use web forms for entering and editing items. The site also contained a system for posting and cataloging the meeting minutes by just uploading them in a simple plain text format.
International Sports Consultants
I was the initial information architect for this highly dynamic sports site. Schedules, scores and odds are automatically acquired from external providers, parsed and inserted into a database. Information is output as XHTML tables with standardized CSS markup. These tables are acquired by servers and formatted via style sheets, allowing the content to be both used on their various websites and resold. Formatting is adjustable by URI parameters, allowing significant customization. The owner said I got them "looking at the internet in a whole new way." Please note, the client regularly modifies the site, so the way it works and operates differs from my initial design.
Manhattan Rickshaw Company
You've heard about Web 2.0 and it's snazzy bells and whistles? Well, this site is Web 0.2 — I first made the site back in 1999. The simple, text rich site was quite effective at getting media exposure for my client. His company was the business model featured in an episode of The Apprentice. Another nice feature was the super-clean JavaScript image rollover functionality. (That bloated MM_swapImage() garbage makes me ill to this day.)
The Governance Group
I produced their first and second websites many years ago. They eventually sought a third design, though decided to go with a PowerPoint based design made by another firm. The current site retains the dynamic job postings and personalized directions and transit schedules programmed for the first site.
Divine Dialogue
A basic site put together for a friend.
Infinity Wellness
Another site created for a friend and they maintain.