Each package has a link to the download section. Feel free to go there directly if you want.
Address Standardization Solution
Formats addresses to US Postal Service standards. It is available as either a PHP or Visual Basic .NET class. The PHP version also includes means to generate XHTML option lists of states.
Calendar Solution
A simple way to list your events on your website. Calendar Solution uses PHP scripts and a MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite database, so can run on most web servers.
Credit Card Validation Solution
Performs comprehensive checks to make sure people key in credit card numbers correctly. Also tells which kind of card is being used based on the number. Has foreign languages support, including English, Spanish, German and French. It runs Available in four computer languages: PHP, Perl, Java and Visual Basic.
Form Solution
A PHP class to clean and validate user input. Holds all variables submitted by a form. Generates XHTML compliant date and time form elements. Offers a complete email contact form to thwart spammers by adding one line of code. The result is improved security and data quality.
Git Push Deployer
A set of Git hooks and Bash scripts for deploying web sites using git push. Includes branches for handling basic HTML sites, database driven sites and WordPress sites. The database and WordPress editions have utilities for synchronizing databases between production and development boxes.
Layout Solution
PHP classes to simplify website development and maintenance. It holds commonly used variables and page elements, allowing you to focus on designing your pages rather than worrying about correctly duplicating common layouts over and over.
Linode Ubuntu Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, with Encrypted Home Directory
That mouth full sums up what this package does. It's bunch of Bash scripts for setting up and maintaining an Ubuntu 12.04 / Precise Linux installation on a Linode server. It installs and configures many packages, each step of which can be used as a handy tutorial for that piece of software.
Log Monitoring Solution
The Log Monitoring Solution is a Perl script that watches the log file of your chosing in real time for any matches against the regular expression you provide and notifies you of them via email.
Object Oriented Plugin Template Solution
Gives authors of new WordPress plugins a leg up on creating a great, easy to maintain plugin by providing a carefully designed plugin skeleton to build on. Authors of existing plugins can extract individual components and concepts for transplantation into their own projects.
Login Security Solution
Improves WordPress security by reqiuring very strong passwords and resisting brute force attacks. Tracks user names, passwords and IP addresses (including IPv6). Full support for UTF-8 passwords, even those using alphabets with only one case.
Lead Developer for PEAR DB, a widely used open source package that provides a uniform API to twelve different DBMS's.
Helper on PEAR's MDB2 package. Made it E_STRICT compliant. Reworked the unit test framework to run all DBMS' in one go.
Lead Developer for PEAR's XML_RPC package.
SQL Solution
PHP classes to simplify integrating databases with web pages. Provides a powerful, user friendly, platform independent API for MySQL and ODBC database management systems. Output is XHTML compliant and handicapped accessible.
ST Parser
PHP classes used to parse and import SportsTicker's XML live sports data feed.