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Tribeca Learning Center

The Tribeca Learning Center, Public Shool 150, is a public elementary school located in Manhattan at the intersection of Greenwich and Jay Streets. At PS 150, children take an active role in their education. Their experience is personal and nurturing due to our small size and commitment to hands-on learning. Our staff is dedicated to meeting the needs and interests of all students. We promote responsibility, encourage mutual respect, and engender a lifelong commitment to learning as we foster the integration of children's academic achievement, emotional and social growth, and appreciation of culture. Teachers, parents, and students work closely together to encourage all students to reach their full potential as independent thinkers and interdependent members of our vibrant and diverse community.


Tribeca Learning Center
PS 150
334 Greenwich St
New York NY 10013
ph: 212-732-4392
fx: 212-766-5895