John Tank

Photo: John Tank playing his sax by the ocean

John Tank is a New York City based Jazz saxophonist. His latest albumn, Song of Hope, is now available from Olivor.

Here's what the critics have to say about John Tank:

"A most matured player with a powerful original voice"
Bill Smith -- Coda Magazine

"Gives the word 'Jazz' a provocative meaning"
Coral Andrews -- The Waterloo Chronicle

"An urgent and personal approach which suggests powerful
and even more original work yet to come"
Jack Massarik -- Evening Standard (London)

"An extraordinarily powerful tenor saxophonist"
Jack Batten -- Toronto Star

"Seldom has there been such strong virtuoso
and ensemble playing in this area"
John Kiley -- The Record

"A splendid tenor saxophonist and inspirational figure"
Mark Miller -- Globe and Mail (Toronto)