ST Parser: The tool you need for SportsTicker's feed!

SportsTicker® transmits real time sports information over the Internet. SportsTicker's feed is a continuous stream of XML formatted data. Once you're connected, you still need to parse the data and figure out what to do with it. Not a simple task.

That's where ST Parser™ comes in. ST Parser™ is a PHP program for parsing SportsTicker's XML stream into live, up to the minute data you can use!

SportsTicker sends schedules, scores, boxscores, statistics, game updates, news and more! Our program saves all of this information to a database. You're then free to call on the saved stats any way you wish!

PEAR logo ST Parser™ is designed for importing SportsTicker's XML data to a wide variety of SQL compliant relational database management systems (DBMS's). Tested DBMS's include IBM DB2 8.1, Microsoft Server 2000, MySQL 4.0 & 4.1, Oracle 9.2, PostgreSQL 7.4 & 8.0, SQLite 2.8 and Sybase 12.5. This versatility is accomplished, in part, through the use of PEAR DB.

phpDocumentor logo Our entire system is thoroughly documented using a combination of HTML files and docblock comments in the program's source code. These instructions can be extracted and formatted using phpDocumentor.

Our clients are using this system to import the stats for the:

The tool you need for SportsTicker's feed! ™

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