Simple Session Solution

The Simple Session Solution is an open source script to propagate session ID's via GET and POST strings to ensure universal access.

This system uses GET and POST because cookies are suboptimal due to some browsers inability to handle them, various browsers handle them differently, plus some users have them turned off.

The session ID's can get put into the HTML in two ways: automatically via PHP's "transparent sid support" and/or manually via constants defined by this procedure.

While this package can take advantage of PHP's "transparent sid support," our function offers several advantages over using just using PHP's session procedures.

Provides a simple way to start and end sessions. Doesn't get tripped up by bogus session id's. Contains a timeout mechanism. Compensates for PHP's buggy garbage collection. Ensures the SID constant is always set. XHTML compliance.

You can download it here.

Inline Documentation

The programs are thoroughly documented in the code itself via docblock comments. They can be rendered using phpDocumentor.

Simple Session Solution is a trademark of The Analysis and Solutions Company.