Log Monitoring Solution

The Log Monitoring Solution is a Perl script that watches the log file of your choosing in real time for any matches against the regular expression you provide and notifies you of them via email.

Keeps track of duplicate errors and sends the resulting count of them at intervals, rather than clogging inboxes with one email per error.

Gracefully handles situations where the log file doesn't exist yet, gets rotated or truncated.

Comes pre-configured to monitor fatal and parse errors generated by PHP scripts. Monitoring my PHP Error Logs is the reason I wrote this script in the first place. This approach is necessary for two reasons. First, while user-defined error handlers are excellent, if PHP goes fatal, so does the error handler. Second, if the PHP install is really broken, a log observer written in PHP won't do much good.

This package can be obtained as a tar ball from this website or using Git. See the Manual for more information.

Log Monitoring Solution is a trademark of The Analysis and Solutions Company.