Layout Solution

Layout Solution is a set of open source PHP classes to simplify website development and maintenance. It holds commonly used variables and page elements, allowing you to focus on designing your pages rather than worrying about correctly duplicating common layouts over and over.

Holds Design Elements

Storing commonly used layouts in a centralized place has two benefits. First, it simplifies page design, allowing you to focus on page specific content. Second, if you want to implement a site-wide design change, like adding a new button to the navigation bar, all you need to do is edit one file!

The default installation has two simple example functions to demonstrate what you can do with this program. Alter them as you see fit. Add more functions for other page elements you commonly use.

Centralizes Site Information

The class stores your contact information, allowing you to enter this stuff once and use throughout your website. So, if you move, there's only one change to make -- beside getting used to the new office and remembering where the heck you put those papers! :)

Some web server environment variables are placed into this object because they are commonly used in scripts and can be spoofed by the viewer. Before placing them into this object, they're cleaned and excessive length truncated.

Establishes Directory Independence

The system has each page refer to one file in the present directory in order to find the website's Base and Include Directories. This makes it easier to move pages around and reduces the coding necessary in every page.

Inline Documentation

The program is thoroughly documented in the code itself, using phpDocumentor docblock comments.

Layout Solution is a trademark of The Analysis and Solutions Company.