Layout Solution -- Change Log

5.12Some coding style tweaks, including removing PHP tags from the ends of files.
5.11ereg is being deprecated in PHP 5.3, so use preg functions instead.
5.10Use instead of for sample domain names.
5.9When redirecting, send a 301 HTTP status code.
5.8$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] contains port, so don't need $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] in parse_url() (was causing URLArray['host'] to contain port number if a non-standard port was used.) If parse_url() doesn't set port, set it to $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'].
5.7Deal with potential of USER_AGENT not being set.
5.6Prepare for PHP 5: Remove colon after HOST, deal with situations where REFERER not set.
5.5Prepare for PHP 5: Fix bug when using parse_url and use $_SERVER. To preserve portability prior to PHP 4.1.0, copy $HTTP_SERVER_VARS to $_SERVER if doesn't exist.
5.4Most contents of Head() moved to Contents of Foot() moved to short_open_tag php.ini setting needs to be on.
5.3$GraphicsDir already declared in layout.custom, remove from layout.
5.2Mistakenly declared $DirLeader when meant $GraphicsDir.
5.1Changed line endings from CR LF to LF
5.0phpDocumentor comments added. Browser redirection when the host isn't either Host or LocalHost now includes the path and query. Added explicit var declarations.
4.17Separated the LayoutSolution_Customizations class to a different file in order to ease upgrading. Switched from calling server variables directly to getenv() calls in order to make the system work under all versions of PHP, regardless of register_globals' status.
4.16Added LocalHost variable. All browser requests made to domains other than those specified in the Host or LocalHost variables are redirected to Host. Slightly tweaked global statements.
4.15Replaced double quotes with single quotes where program permits in order to slightly improve performance. Added XML declaration to header.
4.14Modified the parse_url procedures so the don't get tripped up by browsers submitting invalid HTTP requests.
4.13Running scripts from a command line no longer generates error messages and will set $Layout->FileURL, $Layout->URLArray['host'] and $Layout->URLArray['path'].
4.12Added handling of the HTTP_REFERER, HTTP_USER_AGENT and REMOTE_ADDR environment variables.
4.11First public release.