Form Solution -- Function List

Form Generation
Function Description
DateTimeOptionList() Generates an option list of date or time segments.
EmailForm() Creates a form people browsing your site can use to contact you. Then, it processes the input received therefrom and mails it to you.
Validation and Formatting
Function Description
DateValidateAndFormat() Makes sure dates entered are valid and formatted correctly. Merges day, month and year variables into one variable which you name.
StripBadCharacters() Examine and clean up input presented. If undesirable characters are found, they are dropped. If input is too long, the end is left off.
TimeValidateAndFormat() Ensures times entered by users are valid and formatted correctly. Output format is an option. Places the time into a variable within this object.
Function Description
CopyObjectContentsIntoForm() Copies variables from another object into this object.