Address Standardization Solution

The Address Standardization Solution is a set of open source scripts that aid processing of United States postal address data.

The program takes a Delivery Address Line entered by a user and reformats it to conform with the United States Postal Service's Addressing Standards as outlined in Publication 28, dated November 1997.

This comes in VERY handy when searching for records by address. Let's say a data entry person put an address in as "Two N Boulevard." Later, someone else searches for them using "2 North Blvd." Unfortunately, that query won't find them. Such problems are averted by using this method before storing and searching for data.

Standardization also improves data quality, which can help in obtaining lower bulk mailing rates.

It's presently available in PHP and Visual Basic .NET.

The PHP class also contains a state list generator for use in XHTML forms.

Inline Documentation

The program is documented in the code itself, using phpDocumentor (PHP) or XML (VB) documentation comments.

Address Standardization Solution is a trademark of The Analysis and Solutions Company.