Address Standardization Solution -- Change Log


7.0Rename files to make autoloaders happy.
6.2Cosmetic changes.
6.1 Fix bug: have spelling correction of RAOD map to RD instead of ROAD. Fix your existing records by passing them all through the AddressLineStandardization() method.
6.0Convert to PHP 5 syntax.
  • Fix bug in PO BOX hander. Check your existing records for PO BOX BOX and change it to PO BOX.
  • Improve differentiation of ST, SAINT and STREET. Check your existing records for STREET and change it to SAINT where appropriate.
  • Add conversion of RD RT to RR. Check your existing records for RD ROUTE and change it to RR.
  • Add HIGHWAY CONTRACT ROUTE handler. Check your existing records for HIGHWAY CONTRACT RTE and change it to HC and remove ordinal text (eg TH) from route numbers.
  • Adjust PO BOX handler to recognize more input variations.
  • Fix bug with STATE ROUTE.
  • Improve handling of separators (/-,.).
  • Adjust floor number handler to also work in the middle of addresses.
  • Add PHPUnit tests.
5.7Use explode() instead of split().
5.6ereg is being deprecated in PHP 5.3, so use preg functions instead.
5.5Coding standards tweaks.
5.4Improve handling of US HIGHWYAY. Improve coding standards.
5.3Improve handling of US HIGHWYAY. Use $_POST instead of $HTTP_POST_VARS in examples.
5.2Deal with US HIGHWYAY appropriately.
5.1Change line endings from CR LF to LF.
5.0phpDocumentor comments added. A few minor efficiency tweaks, requiring the use of PHP 4.
  • New mistaken abbreviations and spellings added to Numbers, Directionals, Suffixes and Identifiers to improve accuracy.
  • Rural Routes: those with the box mistakenly typed in first now corrected, additional spelling variations cought, catches cases where spaces mistakenly left out between letters and numbers.
  • Additional permutations of PO Box abbreviations cought.
  • Entries with ordinal numbers for floors fixed.
  • Saint streets cleaned from ST to SAINT.
  • Directionals to the left of streets with main names which are suffixes (eg. N MOUNTAIN RD) now properly abbreviated.
  • Identifiers to the left of streets with main names which are suffixes (eg. UPPER MOUNTAIN RD) converted to full words.
  • A space now replaces . in case user put in no space by mistake.
  • Reverse lookups can now be done from proper abbreviations to full words.
  • Combined checking of NORTH|SOUTH directionals for efficiency.
  • Modified some regular expressions to improve efficiency and accuracy (anchoring modified, removed double parentheses).
4.07Numbered streets ending in 11, 12, 13 now properly get completed as TH. Repaired regular expression which mistakenly matched the CR in CREST to mean COUNTY ROAD.
4.06Fixed bug where the word SECOND was being converted to the number 3.
4.05Added the StateList() function. Moved the $States array to the Constructor Class for the new procedure.
4.04Added the two optional arguments to the constructor function, as per Version 4.06 of the main Form Solution class.
4.03Eliminated situations where #'s were automatically added to addresses when it should not have been.
4.02Brought into compliance with Version 4.04 of the FormSolution class
4.01First public release.

Visual Basic .NET

5.0Initial public release.