Unit Testing WordPress Plugins with PHPUnit
Slides for WordCamp NYC 2014.
Building Truly Portable Database Applications in PHP
This is an up to date version of the talks given at the International PHP Conference 2004 in Frankfurt and for T. Gales and Associates in New York. It has detailed information about the quirks in most of the major database systems and a way to deal with them.
PEAR DB: What's New in 1.6.0
A lecture as PEAR DB's Lead developer, covering highlights from the package's new release. The main points were major bug fixes, API changes and new portability features that make it possible to write programs that will work with a wide variety of DBMS back ends.
Parsing, Validating and Saving Data from Complex XML Streams
An in-depth presentation for the New York PHP user group. The talk covered some lessons learned while developing a project for parsing and importing data from SportsTicker's XML feed.
PHP Highlights From the BikeSummer 2003 Website
A quick presentation to the November 2003 NYPHP meeting about interesting aspects of the BikeSummer 2003 site. Includes architecture that allows easy redeployment for years to come. Also has an easily updatable dynamic navigation bar, plus both a calendar and photo gallery open to public submissions.