We specialize in MySQL and Microsoft Access though utilize DB2, FrontBase, InterBase, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Sybase as needed. Our strong SQL knowledge allows us to create structures that work under a wide variety of systems.

We have a knack for producing efficient, properly normalized, data schemas. Our data formatting routines, such as street address standardization, make locating records simple. Measures to avoid duplicate records are always implemented.

User interfaces are constructed with PHP and Visual Basic.

Our systems scrutinize user input, and output as needed, to ensure data security.

Mr Convissor was the Lead Developer for PEAR DB, a very popular open source API that handles twelve different DBMS's. His efforts focused on making sure all of the drivers pass strict unit tests and provide portability between the various database systems.

Some publicly accessible projects include BikeSummer and Time's Up!.

Private systems have been developed and maintained for The Winter Group (MySQL / PHP back end for a XUL front end of a mortgage underwriting system), the War Resisters League and TADA! (multifaceted Access applications for their client and development activities), New York Jets and Brian Gabrielle Sports (parsing and importing data from SportsTicker's XML stream).