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MySQL Basics -- A Helpful MySQL Tutorial
Provides very basic step by step instructions for installing and using MySQL databases.
Database Portability: Date and Timestamp Columns
A quick index of which data types are used for storing date/timestamp/datetime information and how to get each DBMS to accept ISO formatted input and produce ISO formatted output.


Git Hooks Summary / Cheat Sheet
A list summarizing each hook, when it's called and the parameters it takes.


PHP XML Parsing Basics
A straight ahead example of how to parse XML files using PHP. The example grabs stock quotes off of the web.

Web Design

Common Web Design Errors
Discusses mistakes frequently made by webmasters. Want to know the funny part? These boo boo's are even made on the Internet's biggest websites!
Quirks in Internet Explorer for Macintosh
Funny renderings by IE Mac and how to fix them.


chmod Tutorial
An easy to understand tutorial on how to use the chmod command. It's also handy for deciphering the output from the ls -l command.